Our work speaks more than we do

Kshitij Goenka

Breathe Imagination Indeed

As their tag line suggests ‘Breathe imagination’, it was just that. They made our dream come true. Hats off to you guys!

Dikshant Mehta

Exceptional Management

A massive thank you to the team of WDNE for such dedication and hard work for my wedding event. It was such an amazing success and all the feedback has been extremely positive. The execution was flawless and event management exceptional. Thank You WDNE

Shalini and Ishank Jain

Real Retreat

Thank you so much to the whole team of *Real Retreat* and WDNE to make our dream wedding successful. Special thanks to Dushyant and Tushar.
Wishing you lots of love and success.

Tanvi Likhari Jain

Fairytale Wedding

A Fairytale wedding is what a girl dreams throughout her childhood… my dream came true with WDNE…
Their speciality is the personal touch that each one of them gives to there work…
Thank you WDNE for making my wedding the most beautiful day of my life…
A special thanks to Dushyant, Sagar, Ayesha and Akshay

Vijayashree Shaktawat

Detailing Experts

The WDNE team not just made everything that we imagined a beautiful reality but the precision and attention to detail is what sets them apart! The warmth with which they display their skill set and ideas made the whole process from the conceptualization to the execution so effortless! Thank you for all the love you showed us on our big day!

Dr. Bhuie


Dear Dushyant, Thanks for Everything

DECOR, AMBIANCE and FOOD all were superb.

Keep it Up! God bless you.

Darshil weds Aanoshka

Awesome Stuff

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Vidhi & Mahesh Kabra

Moment Creators

Thank you so much for creating memorable moments so immaculately and perfectly for us. You call yourselves event organisers but I feel you guys are ‘Moment creators’. A huge applause from me and my guests for your efforts and hard work to make it 100% perfect and special. I would even take an opportunity to appreciate both of your curtsey which touches skylines for me. Hoping huge success for two wonderful people: Dushaynt Periwal & Akshay Kushwaha

Shivika Chauhan

Traditional with Elegance

You guys have been a great team! This wedding would not have been the same without WDNE. It was everything I imagined it to be: traditional, elegant, fun. You guys have made a difference, I’ll never forget

Raju Thahryamal

Grand Wedding

Ishan and Amrita’s wedding was unparalleled to any other wedding. It was magic for 3 days. We wanted the wedding to be inspired by Rohit Bal’s creations, turned it to be even better and grander. We would recommend this company to any and every guest with complete faith. WDNE should be ‘The’ event management company of the country in the coming years.

Una Vida Productions

Fine management

We have worked with WDNE on various occasions. Recently we did a wedding together. Fine management. Extremely focused and detail oriented. However, their USP lies in their creativity. Their designs are original and unique. I would love to collaborate with WDNE in the future for any such projects. They have a bright future ahead of them!

Jahnavi weds Parikshit

WDNE is pure GENIUS...

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see”. A milestone memorialized, a wedding etched in the hearts of family and friends – an event made triumphant. To just applaud WDNE would be doing it injustice; our events, decor and each minutest detail was executed with heart and a personal touch – WDNE deserves an encore. WDNE  worked tirelessly not only to capture the essence of what we wanted but went above and beyond by enhancing each element that they worked on to make it an unprecedented success. WDNE adhered to all our guidelines and delivered in a spectacular fashion; an event that captivated our hearts and senses. The event management was infallible, the team’s creativity, efficiency, dedication and attention to detail was incomparable. I go back to my opening quote: WDNE is pure GENIUS…

Trend Setter Entertainment

Hit Phenomenon

We have done a lot of work together; Conferences, weddings, parties, you name it. What WDNE does is, it believes in creating an experience. Right from the conception of Aqua till now, it’s been all about the experience. And the people around have been raving about it. You guys without a doubt can be called the ‘Hit Phenomenon’

Ankit & Monika

Beautiful Experience

Ours was a destination wedding. We were relying on WDNE and The Royal Retreat for every part of the wedding. Rajasthan was new to us but they made it seem more homely. The experience of the event was so easy, effortless, absolutely no stress, 100% co-operation, quality of work. It was a beautiful experience. We thank both the teams for doing such a commendable job. You touched a lot of hearts in this wedding.

Sushil Jain


The wedding was exceptional. Each event was different, colourful and just the way we wanted it. Dushyant and Akshay, well done! Keep up your creativity.

Zoya and Karan

The Fantastic Show

Hi Dushyant.
What a pity I couldn’t get to meet and thank you personally for the fantastic show .
The food was amazing.
The venue spectacular
And the staff so kind and attentive.
I thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart
Do please convey our heartfelt gratitude to Tushar, Chef Satish, Praveen, Virender, Prathmesh and every one else for making it all so special
Hoping very much to reciprocate your hospitality whenever you are in Delhi next.